About Fynehomes pillows

Fynehomes interiors is an interior design brand that was established in 1998. For 23 years, our mission has been to beautify homes and provide comfort.

Sleeping for beauty

Fynehomes pillows is an extension of Fynehomes interiors. It's aim is to bring you the perfect sleeping experience. This means providing comfort, durability and style while protecting your skin and hair. Our pillowcases are made with the highest quality silk and satin. Not only are they beautiful, they have many benefits for the hair and skin. When you sleep on a Fynehomes pillowcase, you'll wake up to hydrated skin and hair. We carefully stuff our pillow inserts so they are soft and fluffy. This reduces neck pain and allows for comfortable sleep.  

We believe in inclusivity so we design our categories with everyone in mind. You‘ll find designs that you can relate to that will make your space feel more like your own. You can also CUSTOMIZE. Colour, shape, size, make your own pillow and enjoy a skin friendly sleeping experience.